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RESET Magazine Issue #7 Category: RESETAug-03-2015

RESET Magazine Issue #7 - July 2015

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CyberStorm MK II Accelerator Manual Category: Amiga Hardware ManualsJun-25-2015

This is the English manual for the Phase 5 CyberStorm MK II 68060 Accelerator for the Amiga 3000 / 4000.

Platform: PDF
GVP A530 Turbo Accelerator Manual Category: Amiga Hardware ManualsJun-25-2015

GVP A530 Turbo Accelerator Manual - This is an Amiga 500 sidecar accelerator with hard drive and memory expansion.

Platform: PDF
GVP Impact A2000-HC+8 Series II Install Disk Category: Amiga DriversJun-25-2015

 GVP Impact A2000-HC+8 Series II Install Disk

GVP Impact A2000-HC+8 Series II Manual Category: Amiga Hardware ManualsJun-25-2015

Manual for the Amiga GVP Impact A2000-HC+8 Series II SCSI Controller / RAM Expansion.


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RESET Magazine Issue #6 Category: RESETJun-25-2015

RESET Magazine Issue #6 - March 2015

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RESET Magazine Issue #5 Category: RESETJun-25-2015

RESET Magazine Issue #5 - November 2014

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RESET Magazine Issue #4 Category: RESETJun-25-2015

RESET Magazine Issue #4 - August 2014

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RESET Magazine Issue #3 Category: RESETJun-25-2015

RESET Magazine Issue #3 - May 2014

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Using the 64 Category: C64 General BooksJun-18-2015

This book is designed for those who would like to do a little more with
their Commodore 64 than draw pretty patterns on the screen, or make
it speak to them in a collection of weird and wonderful bleeps and
This book will show you how to do those things, but I hope that the
information contained here, along with the many example programs,
will help and encourage you to go further in your exploration of the
Commodore 64.
We commence with a swift gallop through Basic and Machine Code
programming, before looking at colour, graphics and sound in some
After considering the more common peripherals that can be linked up
to a 64, we then move on to the four major chips within the computer,
namely the 6566 Video Interface Chip, the 6581 Sound Interface
Device, the 6510 processor itself, and the 6526 Complex Interface
Finally, the comprehensive appendixes should tell you all you need
to know about Basic, Machine Code, and the inner workings of your
machine. They also include a number of useful charts and a complete
listing for an assembler/disassembler for the 64 (thanks Jim!).

Platform: Commodore 64
Electronic Projects for your Commodore 64 and 128 Category: C64 General BooksJun-18-2015

The purpose of this book is to show you how to build electronic projects that will enhance your computer. But more than this, the information can provide a foundation upon which you can build. Perhaps this book will provide the spark to ignite your own creativity. Many projects lie on the frontiers of technology. The projects represent a starting point for the basic tools with which you can explore on your own, and perhaps make a contribution to emerging technologies. As an example, the sound-digitizing project can be expanded for work on speech-recognition programs. The digital camera can be used for machine vision and recognition.

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RESET Magazine Issue #2 Category: RESETJun-18-2015

RESET Magazine Issue #2 - February 2014

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Compute!s The Complete 64 Category: C64 General BooksJun-18-2015

The Commodore 64 and 128 have a reputation as
great game machines. They're even more highly
regarded as computers for programming. But they
can do much more. The Complete 64 includes
application programs which will turn your Commodore into
an extraordinarily useful tool for home and business.
Seven sophisticated applications make The Complete 64 an
easy-to-use, high-quality collection of the most popular kinds
of software used on personal computers. All at a price that
makes this collection the best software value anywhere for the
Commodore 64 and 128.

Platform: PDF
Advanced BASIC and Machine Code for the Commodore 64 Category: C64 Programming BooksJun-17-2015

In order to get the most out of your Commodore 64, it is necessary
to move beyond BASIC and start doing some programming in machine
code. All the best features of the 64 are inaccessible from BASIC other
than by using POKEs and PEEKs all the time, which is unnecessarily
slow . .
This book aims toteach you the rudimentsof machine code programming,
with a couple of chapters on BASIC just to limber up. Commands
are introducedslowly, with plenty of explanation and sample
listings to work from. A feature used throughout the book is a small
arcade game, which is gradually built up from chapter to chapter, using
commands introduced in each chapter. ·
Subjects covered include interrupts, which provide us with the opportunity
to produce some background music, adding commands to
BASIC, manipulating sprites in machine code, how to perform 8 bit
and 16 bit multiplication, and more. lf you want to learn toprogram
in machine code, this is where to start.

Platform: PDF
The Complete Commodore 64 ROM Disassembly Category: C64 Programming BooksJun-17-2015

This book is intended to be used by the serious Commodore 64 programmer, and gives a complete disassembly of all the 64 ROM routines.

Also included for reference is the complete 6510 machine code instruction set, together with a listing for a full assembler/disassembler for the Commodore 64.

Some sections of the code will obviously not make sense as disassemblies: error messages, for instance, will disassemble into pure garbage! However, for the sake of completeness, it's all been left in.

Many programmers could have produced this book, but not many programmers have access to amenable publishers, as we have. The book has been produced to serve purely as a reference guide and nothing else.

If it leads you to a better understanding of your computer and the way that it works, and if it helps you to write better machine code programs, then the purpose of this book will have been

Platform: PDF
6502 Machine Code for Humans Category: General Programming BooksJun-16-2015

Machine code is the language of the processor at the heart of your
computer system. As its name suggests, it is a language designed for
a machine to use. But the language and the machine are both
products of human minds and machine code is just as much a
language for humans.
Unlike many other books on machine code, this book does not
systematically explain the operation of each instruction in excessive
detail. Instead, it presents you with simple, understandable tasks in
computing that are carried out by groups of instructions (routines).
Each task is described, the method explained and sufficient
documentation given for you to work through the routines and see
the part played by each instruction. Just as the words of a natural
language come alive only in phrases and sentences, the instructions
in a machine language have meaning only in how they relate to a
complete process.

Platform: PDF
Compute!s Machine Language Routines for the Commodore 64 & 128 Category: C64 Programming BooksJun-16-2015

This book is a rich library of more than 200 machine language
routines for programmers to learn from and use in their own
programs. The programs in this book cover a wide range:

• Character input and output
• Sprite definition and movement
• High-resolution graphics
• Sorting and searching lists of information
• Reading and writing disk files
• Combining BASIC and ML programs
• Printer routines
• Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
• Conversions between character and screen codes
• Random number generation
• Jiffy clock and time-Dr-day dock routines
• Using interrupts and vectors
• Custom characters «(0.1 40- and SO-column displays)
• Sound effects and music

Platform: PDF
Compute!s Mapping the Commodore 64 & 64C Category: C64 Programming BooksJun-16-2015

The Commodore 64 is now the Commodore 64C The same computer, though in a different case, the 64C includes GEOS, the new Graphics Environment Operating System. Icons, pull-down
menus, and a desktop appearance make the 64C and GEOS easy to learn and easy to use. GEOS is an important addition for the Commodore 64. If you upgraded your Commodore 64 by purchasing GEOS, if you got GEOS when you bought the 64C, or even if you haven't yet added GEOS to your system, you'll find this book a valuable addition to your computer library. Just like its predecessor, Mapping the Commodore 64 and 64C contains a complete memory map of the Commodore 64 and 64C computers, presented in concise and understandable language.

Platform: PDF
Boot Category: Disk MenusJun-16-2015

Boot is a small auto-starting disk menu.  You can drop "Boot" on to any disk and it will auto-generate a disk menu when it's run.  The cursor keys let you navigate the menu and pressing return will launch the program that's hi-lighted.

Platform: Commodore 64
Commodore Currents Issue #3 Category: Commodore CurrentsJun-11-2015

Commodore Currents - Issue #3 - June 2005

Platform: PDF
Commodore Currents Issue #2 Category: Commodore CurrentsJun-11-2015

Commodore Currents - Issue #2 - November 2003

Platform: PDF
Commodore Currents Issue #1 Category: Commodore CurrentsJun-11-2015

Commodore Currents - Issue #1 - January 2003

Platform: PDF
RESET Magazine Issue #1 Category: RESETJun-11-2015

RESET Magazine Issue #1 - November 2013

Platform: PDF
Mapping the Commodore 64 Category: C64 Programming BooksJun-10-2015

This is a memory map of the Commodore 64 personal computer. But it's much more than that. It's a reference book which every programmer who uses the 64 will find invaluable. What is a memory map? It's a list of the memory locations in a computer. But Mapping the Commodore 64 is a memory map that goes much further. It explains the purpose of each location and shows you how to change the contents of many of them. You can make the computer do what you want it to. If you're a BASIC programmer, you'll find easy-to-understand explanations of how to use the advanced features of the Commodore 64, and how to include these features in your own programs. If you're already using machine language to write your own programs, you'll use this guide over and over again,referring to specific memory locations and routines. You'll have the most complete guide to the Commdore 64's memory available.

Platform: PDF
Power Programming for the Commodore 64 Category: C64 Programming BooksJun-10-2015

In these stimulating chapters you will find a complete method for translating your most ambitious Commodore 64 programming inspirations into reality. Sparkling style and paced presentation work together to make it easy for you to master the most advanced assembly language, graphics, sound, and I/O techniques. You benefit from the author's extensive microcomputer programming experience, and the many 'trade secrets' obtained from top professional Commodore 64 programmers and revealed here for the first time. Whether for a tutorial or a text, reference or recreation, Power Programming is the first and last computer book your library will need.

Platform: PDF
Mastering the Commodore 64 Category: C64 Programming BooksJun-10-2015

This book is not intended as a 'Let's Get Started' introduction to microcomputers using the Commodore 64. We assume that you have read some material of this type. in particular the manual which is supplied wiith the Commodore 64. This book attempts to bridge the gap between the beginner's knowledge of BASIC and a real understanding of what is going on inside your Commodore 64, eventually leading to machine language programming.

Platform: PDF
T64 Manipulation Tools Category: Disk File Transfer ToolsJun-08-2015

Some DOS tools to manipulate .t64 emulator files.  Docs are inside the archive.

Platform: DOS
Make Tape Category: Disk File Transfer ToolsJun-08-2015

DOS program that Creates a t64 file and imports files into it

Platform: DOS
Star Utilities v0.73 Category: Compression ArchivingJun-08-2015

The Star Utilities are external utilities of The Star Commander but are distributed separately, as well. These user-friendly and fast freeware software handle several Commodore archive formats.

Platform: DOS
64Copy v2.03 Category: Disk File Transfer ToolsJun-08-2015

64COPY is an all-purpose DOS and C64 emulator file manager, modelled after Norton Commander, and runs under the Windows DOS VDM (32-bit or lower), and in real DOS. The 64-bit editions of Windows have no DOS VDM, so you will need to install a DOS-like emulator like DOSBox. It specializes in converting and manipulating emulator files between various formats, as well as a very flexible 6502 disassembler. 64COPY does not do any communication to the 1541/71/81 floppy drives to read disks. If that is what you need, download Star Commander for that task.

Platform: DOS