This website is dedicated to all things Commodore 64/128 that are NOT games. There are enough places around the web to find games, but very few places to find utilities and applications.

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New Files (Last Few days)

Program Name Comp. Description Image
FLI Graph V1.1C64Coded by ASP of Black Mail - FLI Graph is one of the earliest FLI Picture editors.
The Omega WriterC64Written in 1988 by The Sharks - Programming Idea by Magic Circle. The screenshot looks a little wanky because the menu screen has a vertical scroll/color changer so it was hard to capture.
Tape Cracker v1.0C64Tape Cracker v1.0 - Released by 'The Movers'. Written by General Zoff and Pershv. Honestly, I never knew that tapes needed to be cracked. Happy Cracking!
Hesmon 2.0 - 36313C64Hesmon 2.0 machine language monitor - cracked by The Dragons meaning they relocated it to location 36313 and slapped there name on it. Anyway, SYS36313 from basic to get into the monitor.
1526 Doodle PrintC64Pretty simple utility that prints a Doodle Paint image to a Commodore 1526 Printer. Simply load the Doodle image and then load this utility and run.