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New Files (Last Few days)

Program Name Comp. Description Image
1581 Disk Doctor (WDR)C641581 Disk Doctor imported on January 18th, 1990 by Fantasy. This is a modified version of the original 1581 Disk Doctor written by Kevin Pickell. Wanderer of Fantasy added a multi-drive selector to the program.
Disk LibraryC64I ran across this program while combing through the PCUG user group disks. I'm not positive, but I think this may have been the program that led to the Librarian series of archivers.
TextmasterC64Written by Harold Brochman and Maurice Larose. Textmaster is one of the best word processors I have used, not because it has tons of features and options but because it is simple and easy to use.
Super 64-Mon v2.cC64On this disk is Super 64 Mon by the famous Jim Butterfield. Also included is an excellent set of instructions by Richard Bradley of the Toronto Pet Users Group.
Multi DirectoryC64This unique little program will let you read up to three disk directories into memory and then let you print them out to screen or printer.
NuDOS(p)C64NuDOSp is an extensive rework of NuDOSf which was itself a modification of the DOS 5.1 Wedge written by Bob Fairbairn of CBM. There are two doc files on the disk with plenty of info on how to use this program.
Line Cross Reference UtilityC64This is a handy programming tool for BASIC. You load this into memory, then load you BASIC program and type SYS 49515 or SYS 49518 to send to printer or screen respectively.
Mr. Dial IIC64This handy phreaking tool has all the best boxing tools (silver, blue, red) along with instructions on how to use them built into the program.
Super Basic 2C64This looks like a nice extension for BASIC but I can't find much information on it beyond the command summary that is included on the disk.
Auto Versa-Term 4.0C64Released Sept. 30, 1984 and originally written by Steve Punter for the PET. Converted to the C64 by Keith Peterson and enchanced by Earl Goldberge and Rich Buchanan. I don't know a whole lot about this terminal program. One thing I find interesting about it is that it supports both the older 7-bit Punter protocol and the newer 8-Bit version.
Don's Menu CreatorC64This handy little BASIC program will create a menu program for launching other stuff on disk. It is really well thought out and easy to use. Has pretty much every function you'd want for a menu creator.
Mind Term 2.0fC64Mind Term 2.0f (c) 1985 Pacadivis. Written by Paul Andrew Viscovich. This seems to have been a pretty advanced terminal program for it's time. It supported both Xmodem and Punter along with buffer functions and printer support.
Dial Hack / DTYC64Released on August 10th 1990 by DTY. This is a pretty simple 800 PBX hacker. As the information screen says, "if you don't understand it, give it up."
ZipCode Zip/Unzip IIC64Released on March 10th, 1989 by Defcon of ITT (It Takes Three). This appears to be a bug fixed version of Zip-Code by Darkstar (1988). This came from an anonymous uploader, but still much appreciated.
SuperRes Term 8.2C64Found this older version of SuperRes Term today. It appears to support all the same features as 8.3, so 8.3 must have just been a bug fix release. There is a DOC file on the disk with more info.
Handy Term v8.5 UltraC64Handyterm was Coded and compiled by Shamus on 8/12/90. This terminal program seems to have had heavy development in the 90's as version 8.5.2 was released less than two months later.
Destiny Knight Char. EditorC128Written by Paul Flynn and release Jan. 17th, 1988. This is a Bard's Tale II character editor. More info is built into the program. NOTE - This is a C128 BASIC program.
Zipcode v1.3C64Zipcode is a full disk packer / unpacker for creating easy to upload/download images of a floppy disk. This particular version was released by Eaglesoft in 1987. Although v1.3 isn't commonly used, there is a chance you'll run across an archive that only this version will work with, so grab a copy.
Quick WriterC64I know there are a million noters out there, but I like variety. Quick Writer is one of the more plain looking noters but it gets the job done.
Future Composer v2.0C64Imported on 9/25/88 - Intro coding by Storm Bringer and the Beastie Boys- This isn't the newest version, but I like to keep them all for completeness sake. If you don't know what this is close your browser and go find someone from the 80's to explain it to you.
The GXC Disk ControlC64By Fastfred - GXC is a multi-function tool that does everything from grab a disk directory to copying files. It is written entirely in BASIC so might be some good example code in there.
CCGMS 1.1C64CCGMS v1.1 by Craig Smith (c)1988 - Thanks to Cyberjank we now have one of the oldest versions of CCGMS. I'm not sure why, but it appears the official name back then was "-CHP-'s CCGMS! Term 1.1". Anyone know what the CHP is or stands for?
1541 Drive MusicC64Written by Christopher C. Capon. Officially this program is called the Sing Song Serenade for the c64 and 1541 / 2031. Anyway, its a really cool program that makes your floppy drive play music by what I assume is vibrating the heads. If you've never tried it on a real 1541 you have to do it at least once.
Betatizer v4.0C64Written by Bibros (Todd Moody) - Betatizer is a warez list generator. You can create a list of warez programs with info such as number of sides and disk #. You can also import previous lists to append.
VT100 C64C64Written by Louis Leff and (c) 1987. VT100 C64 is a complete VT100 terminal emulator for the C64 written in Blazin' Forth. Docs are included on the disk. Although the screen shot looks odd, that is how the program looks when launched.
ITT Abuzer v1.0C64Written by Black Alice - ITT Abuzer brings back memories. Not sure why, but seems I remember ITT codes floating around more than any other type of LD code. hint - 7 Digits.
Disassembler 64C64This handy disk disassembler is from the January 86 Computer Gazette. This is one of the easiest to use disassemblers that features not only screen and printer but also disk output.
C/G Writer v2.0C64C/G Writer was written by Andy Prince and released in 1987. Although its called C/G Writer, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do anything but load a C/G image and save it. If there is an editing feature I'm not sure how you access it.
The Ultimate HackerC64Presented by Black Synper & The Blitz. As quoted from the program - "Hang Ten's long distance code hacker for the Commodore 1670 modem".
Telehacker 1.0C64Telehacker for the Hayes / Prometheus modems was written by Dan Steele. It's your basic sequential war dialer and code finder.